Bloomberg hardens his attacks against Sanders after the victory of the senator in Nevada

Michael Bloomberg retires from the Democratic race to be president of the US after the results of the super Tuesday

The billionaire has decided to suspend his presidential campaign after the results harvested in the primaries of 14 states and shows his support for Joe Biden.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has decided to suspend his presidential campaign after the results he has reaped in the Democratic primary elections held on Tuesday despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising in the 14 states.

The former mayor of New York has announced on his Twitter account that he is retiring from the Democratic race by showing his support for former Vice President Joe Biden, who has won a percentage of the vote in most states, holding back progressive Senator Bernie Sanders, who He profiled as a favorite in the polls.

“Three months ago I entered the race to defeat Trump. Today, I quit for the same reason. Winning Trump begins by joining around the candidate most likely to do so. It is clear that that candidate is my friend and a great American, Joe Biden, “he said.

Bloomberg, who had not participated in the previous stops of the primaries and who has premiered in the supermartens, has distributed the third position in the 14 states with the progressive senator Elizabeth Warren.

The results have consolidated the struggle for control of the match between Sanders and Biden, whose candidacy was propelled after former mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar suspended their campaigns in their favor, in what has been interpreted as a blow on the table of the party apparatus before a divided primary that benefited Sanders. This Wednesday, Bloomberg has made the same decision.

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