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The Chinese Embassy in France ironic about the management of the coronavirus in the US: “We told you it was dangerous”

“We did nothing for three months, and because the WHO agrees with China, we are taking funding away from it,” says a doll representing the United States in a video broadcast by China on Twitter.

The Chinese Embassy in France has released a video on Twitter comparing the response of the country and the United States to the coronavirus. With two Lego-style dolls representing both countries, he reviews the management of one and the other in recent months. “It is dangerous,” China warns in the video, while the United States responds: “It is just the flu.” “Stay home,” says the first, to which the American doll, represented by the Statue of Liberty, replies that this is “violating human rights.”

Later, the United States accuses China of not having warned them, to which they respond: “We told you it was dangerous.” The video is also ironic about Trump’s criticism of the World Health Organization: “We did nothing for three months and, since the WHO agrees with China, we are taking away funding,” says the Statue of Liberty. “What I like most about Americans is your consistency,” concludes the Chinese doll.

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